Bus driver threatened by ‘man with a knife’ in Stonehouse

A man has been arrested after allegedly threatening a bus driver with a knife this evening in Plymouth.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said the man “got into a conversation” with the Citybus driver and then allegedly “pulled a knife” on them.

“Police located him and arrested the man,” a spokesperson for the force said. “He is now being dealt with.”

It is believed he was arrested in the Stonehouse area.

A witness, who was on the bus, said on Facebook: “He just pulled it out [the knife] on the number 21 bus I was on with my daughter. He threatened the driver and everyone on it. He ran off towards City College way.”

Another witness said: “A police Range Rover pulled up in front of us on Stonehouse Bridge, they jumped out, Tasers drawn and ran towards us. They ran past and arrested a bloke who was walking up the hill.”

More will follow in the morning.

Plymouth Live