How a new wave of positivity is sweeping across Plymouth


A new volunteering initiative has been launched to help Plymothians contribute more to the city’s good causes.

Our Plymouth will initially start as a website where people can share their positive stories from across the city, as well as being able to identify causes in need of volunteers.

The project is a partnership between the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS), the private sector, Plymouth City Council and The Herald, and aims to act as a single point of access for people to find out about volunteering, and a way to bring together the various volunteering service providers in the city.

Darin Halifax from Plymouth City Council said: “Our Plymouth is everyone’s. We want it to celebrate, inspire and inform. Phase one is all about content – we need your stories. We need you to fill the pages of our website and The Herald. We want to celebrate this city.

“We want to make sure the website and The Herald is full of the stuff we want to read. The celebratory stuff, the stuff that makes us smile. It’s the place of this remarkable, gorgeous, beautiful city.”

The team behind Our Plymouth, which is funded by Plymouth Octopus Project (POP) and the private sector, hope to see it grow and develop into a hub where people can talk about services they need as well as sharing the work they have done.

Dave Young, Devon Chamber of Commerce, said: “I’m delighted to be leading this very broad project called Our Plymouth.

“This is about getting more people to do more great things that benefit our city. We want a greater marketplace for good. I’m convinced we have a massive untapped pool of talent in Plymouth and we want to access those skills.

“This project has ambition that goes way beyond traditional volunteering. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, rather add momentum to all the great things already happening.”

Our Plymouth is designed as a one-stop shop to help facilitate active citizenship – the notion that everyone can help to improve their local area and their city.

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