People are seeing a mysterious ‘red fire glow’ in Plympton

Multiple people are reporting a mysterious ‘red fire glow’ in Plympton this evening – but the fire service has no reports of a blaze.

‘White smoke’ has been seen in the Chaddlewood area and perplexed locals say there is an orange ‘glow of fire’ in the sky.

While multiple residents have contacted PlymouthLive to say they can smell smoke and believe there is a fire at the power station site, as of 9.45pm, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service says it is unaware of any blaze in Plympton.

Fire crews would urge anyone who has witnessed a fire to call 999 immediately.

PlymouthLive video editor Erin Black is currently at the scene of mysterious red glow.

She said: “There’s lots of smoke and the sky is orange towards the left of the power station. It was plumes of white smoke.

“The orange glow is in the direction of Hemerdon.”

Not everyone is convinced the orange glow is from a fire, however.

One local resident told PlymouthLive there is often a light from the Sparkwell area that shines once a month and gives the appearance of burning.

And Erin says she believes she has found the source of the mysterious glow. More follows.

We’ll be bringing you the latest on this incident in the blog below.


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