Animals benefit from renovated homes thanks to Plymouth builders merchant

As previous winners of RGB Building Supplies’ Surprise Supplies initiative, Woodside Animal Welfare Trust has been able to complete a number of projects and update its animals’ homes.

In February this year, members of the local community voted for the Plympton-based charity to receive £1,000 to spend on materials at RGB in Plymouth

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust is an animal rehoming charity that aims to provide loving new homes for unwanted pets, including dogs, cats, ponies, goats, rabbits, birds, and more. Due to age or illness, some of the animals are unable to be rehomed and remain with Woodside as much-loved residents.

The charity used RGB’s donation to improve the pens where cats who live on the site and those waiting to be rehomed are kept, create a home for its resident turkeys – Paul and Linda McTurkey – and build a home for cats who have trouble mixing with other animals.

Lisa Darcy, Deputy Manager at Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, commented:

“With approximately 150 animals onsite – some that live with us permanently and some that are waiting to be rehomed – we continually have to make costly repairs to our facilities to ensure the animals remain safe and protected. As we rely on donations, this can be a strain, so having the £1,000 from a local company to spend on materials and help us to complete projects across the sanctuary has been a massive help. Thank you RGB.”

Richard Perry from RGB Plymouth visited the charity to learn more about what they had achieved. Richard added:

“Woodside Animal Welfare Trust does a vital job caring for a wide range of animals, and we are big supporters at RGB Plymouth – me and my colleagues have adopted our own family pet from the charity. It was great to return to see how they have benefitted from the £1,000 donation and we will do all we can to support them further in the future.”

More information about Woodside Animal Welfare Trust can be found by visiting

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